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We're a hub of experienced Ukrainian designers. United to support:

Ukrainian economy

by providing its taxpayers with incomes

Ukrainian sovereignty

We donate 20% of our profits to stop the war and aid Ukraine


in their efforts to provide for their families and volunteer

What we can do

build a digital product from scratch

make websites and apps to get your business online

create identity to help you stand out from competitors

help find your voice with your audience

support in building loyalty to your brand


of our profits we donate to aid Ukraine

Our Story

The war has started

Shocked but determined we had to fight our fight as well.

Happy Agency has called for fellow designers to join creative forces for volunteering.

We became an army of designers

More than 100 creatives has responded and together we created the Happy Army — a group that has made dozens of voluntary projects — visuals, videos and websites — for a cause of Ukrainian victory.

We created UDDU

— a union of freelance experts and agencies.

To support our volunteers by providing them with paid jobs and share our expertise worldwide we transformed into a union with digital agencies managing the projects to guarantee the exceptional quality.

179 experts & 3 agencies

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8 designers

Graphic Design

32 designers

Motion Design

9 designers


10 developers

Stand with Ukraine

& help us to support:

Become a client

Ukrainian economy

by providing its taxpayers with incomes

Ukrainian sovereignty

We donate 20% of our profits to stop the war and aid Ukraine


in their efforts to provide for their families and volunteer

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Team & Solution

We will form a perfect-fit team for your need and its solution.


Guarantees & Support

We stay with you throughout your project, to guarantee exceptional quality and timing.

Your contribution

Support Ukrainian warriors who oppose the Russian aggressor

You will support Ukraine's economy, which is at war

Make your personal contribution to the triumph of justice on planet Earth


donate from the profit
for the needs of Ukraine

How will I help by purchasing design?

By working with us you are supporting Ukrainian professionals and, thus, the economy of Ukraine. We donate 20% of our earnings to aid Ukraine in the time of war. We pay taxes, buy goods and services and keep our economy running.

Is it safe to engage with Ukrainian design and service industry?

All the designers united under our roof are currently safe and ready to start contributing to new projects right away. Nonetheless, we keep on monitoring the situation and have continuity plans prepared in case of emergency.

Just how experienced are the designers at UDDU?

UDDU is 100+ professionals of different backgrounds and experiences. About 20% of our designers and illustrators have been working over 5 years, presenting quality design to the businesses globally. We also welcome young professionals, who learn on the go with mentorship and support of our senior colleagues.

If I decide to work with UDDU, how are the payments organized?

We’ve minimized the advance payment to 10% of a budget. All the further payments are to be made upon the delivery.

Support by sharing

Spread the word about us.
Work with us. Help us recover our economy.

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Lviv, Ukraine
Heroiv UPA St, 73, block 10, 79000

+38 096 096 7080


Creative director, Project coordinator


Branding expert, Project coordinator


Product designer, Project coordinator

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For Ukrainian professionals who seek
paid and volunteering projects.


Support for NPO

For Nonprofit Ukrainian organisations that require design services.

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